Are you getting the most out of your Amazon RedShift implementation?
In a recent report – IDC stated that companies who moved to RedShift can expect:
  • 459% Average benefits per 100 TB per Year
  • $758,845 Average benefits per 100 TB per Year
  • $319,300 Higher Revenue per 100 TB per Year
  • 60% More Efficient Management of Data Warehousing Operations
  • 71% More Productive Analytics Teams
  • 72% Less Planned Downtime
If you are not fully realizing these types of benefits it can be a result of:
  • Performance is lagging due to inefficient Data Loads, Column Encoding, Queries waiting on Queue Slots, Skewed Table Data…and many more
  • Changes made to your RedShift Architecture
  • Your User Community has quickly grown and you find it challenging keeping up with demand
  • User Consumption Requirements and User Cases have quickly grown and are consistently changing
  • Concerns that your Environment is completely secure
At NorthBay we can quickly help you realize the full potential of your investment in Amazon RedShift
  • Our 2-Week Amazon RedShift Health Check is designed to ensure that your RedShift Environment is 100% Optimized now…and for the future
  • NorthBay has enabled 100s of companies like yours to gain the greatest value from Amazon RedShift
Take a closer look at how NorthBay can help your RedShift Environment become very Healthy
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