Are you getting the most out of your Amazon Redshift implementation?

Perhaps you are not satisfied with your Amazon Redshift performance, or maybe your Architecture has changed. Or could it be that your user community has grown to a point where you find it challenging to keep up with the many requests you get. Maybe you just want some experts to take a look and give you some insight. Whatever the reason, the NorthBay Amazon Redshift HealthCheck might help.

Take a look at what we do.


  • 2 Weeks (time-boxed)

Activities & Tasks

  • OneTeam unified kickoff call to gather application requirements, ingestion and consumption patterns
  • Validate Schema/Table Design including sort keys, distribution keys, encoding, etc.
  • Identify the top resource consuming queries and validate the appropriate usage
  • Identify the existing maintenance procedures including vacuuming, analyzing, etc.
  • Recommend “Best Practices” for Ingestion, Storage, Processing and Consumption
  • Validate and recommend optimizations for ETL/ETL and BI tools that interact with Redshift
  • Identify performance bottlenecks for the existing Redshift system
  • Identify resource consumption patterns for optimizing concurrency and Workload Management Queues
  • Validate existing monitoring tools/mechanisms and provide recommendations
  • Identify Logging and Auditing requirements and validate the existing setup
  • Identify and assess security, access controls and governance

Outcomes & Deliverables

  • Documented recommendations to optimize and tune Redshift for the targeted Applications (including architectural changes that may be necessary)
  • Provide a plan to implement the recommendations and go-forward assistance


  • NorthBay’s remote team is granted access to system tables in Redshift
  • NorthBay’s remote team is granted access to AWS account read-only permissions for checking Redshift settings
  • NorthBay’s remote team is granted access to documentation/tools that are used for ingestion/consumption

Amazon Redshift HealthCheck

Amazon Redshift HealthCheck

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