Create new business value with your apps and data

At NorthBay Solutions we approach modernization through the lens of defining business outcomes first, and then evaluate the opportunities for rearchitecting, rewriting or re-purposing legacy custom applications and data workloads to a native AWS Cloud platform, with the goal to improve and/or create new business value.

Why consider application as well as data modernization?

Innovation, productivity and improving a customer’s experience in many organizations is hindered by a dependency on monolithic applications, data and technologies that are not adaptable, limiting the options for using modern technology frameworks, and constraining competitiveness and innovation.

How to modernize

The question is not if an organization should modernize their legacy applications and datasets, but rather how to identify and prioritize target applications and datasets based on desired outcomes and timelines.

Modernization = Applications + Data

It’s as much about re-imaging the application’s architecture and functionality as it is how you can secure your data and drive better insights.

Taking data to the next level

With the myriad of service options AWS offers, organizations have the opportunity to leverage internal and external datasets, use structured and non-structured, and deploy advanced analytics. Reimagining the data along with the applications on AWS requires a well-informed strategy and understanding of the priorities.

Adding ML and AI functionality

In addition, if ML and AI are in your future, adding that functionality requires knowledge of building those skills and statistical datasets.

Securing Data secures business

AWS provides the automated security functions and data privacy features any modern business needs, and NorthBay provides the experience and expertise to help achieve your goals.

Selecting an AWS consulting and development partner

Aside from inflexible applications and data, many IT organizations are overburdened limiting a company’s ability to develop an effective strategy and roadmap for modernization to

  • take advantage of microservices-based methods and AWS serverless to architect, build or rebuild applications using containers
  • run data workloads natively on AWS
  • using purpose specific databases and services

In addition, modernizing applications and data inherently involves

  • deploying modern DevOps and agile application development methods
  • CI/CD pipeline automation
  • building/recruiting core AWS solution skills in-house,

making knowledge transfer a critical factor when selecting a consulting and development partner.


We couldn’t be happier with the partnership and overall value we receive from NorthBay. They truly are a strategic partner for Evisions and they operate on the basis of their ‘One Team’ model. This ‘One Team’ model is a critical element of our partnership. NorthBay understands our business, our goals, our objectives, our culture, and the value we are working to deliver to our clients.
I would highly recommend NorthBay as a partner.

Rick Vigils, SVP Evisions

NorthBay Solutions and AWS

NorthBay focuses on serving mid-sized to Enterprise organizations as well as Software companies planning to modernize their applications and derive greater insights from data-workloads by leveraging the full spectrum of AWS services.

Choice of services

NorthBay customers have several service-delivery options, whether they prefer simply to augment their teams with specific certified AWS talent, engage in Project-based work efforts, or utilize NorthBay ‘s dedicated teaming approach, we can accommodate your needs. In addition, our services can be delivered both onshore as well as utilizing our offshore development factory.

Why AWS customers select NorthBay

Industry expertise

  • Financial Services
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • High-Tech
  • Manufacturing

Teaming and enablement

Customers rely on NorthBay for our agile teaming and knowledge transfer approach to outsourced Cloud Native Applications and comprehensive Data solution development.

Deliver with experience

We gained our breadth of app and data migration services by architecting and deploying over 300 Applications and large Data Workloads into production on AWS

Certified AWS Talent

NorthBay has over 300 highly skilled on/offshore AWS certified resources experienced with architecting and deploying the right AWS solutions for your business

We support our customers as they adopt AWS Cloud solutions to gain more business value

Re-platform to Cloud

Become Cloud Native

Deploy Advanced Modernization

Customer goal Redeploy application and data component from current infrastructure to AWS Adapt Applications and Data to native AWS solutions Build new applications and extract improved business value from the data workloads
  • Move on-premise/datacenter applications and data to EC2, VPC and S3
  • Database migration to AWS (e.g. SQL, Oracle, My SQL)
  • Transform e.g. NET, Java applications to native AWS technologies including containers, serverless, micro-services
  • Migrate data to AWS Managed Databases e.g. Aurora, Redshift, DynamoDB
  • Combine internal and external data workloads, including structured and unstructured data
  • Use technologies e.g. ML/AI and voice enabled BI/Analytics to gain new insights and competitive advantage

Selected examples of AWS Solutions NorthBay specializes in


EMR, Redshift, Glue, QuickSight, Kinesis, Data Pipeline, Kafka Elasticsearch


Aurora, RDS, DynamoDB, Redshift


CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, CodeStar


S3, EBS, EFS, Backup


EC2, Container, Kubernetes, Lambda, Fargate


CloudWatch, CLI, CloudFormation, Auto Scaling


VPC, ELB, App Mesh, IAM, Cognito, WAF

AI and ML

Comprehend, Sagemaker, TensorFlow, Alexa

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