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Staying competitive through the adoption of AWS cloud technology requires businesses to change, grow, and learn faster every day. A successful transition to the cloud requires the right skilled technical people on your team to make this happen.

As the number of AWS Cloud projects grow in scope and complexity, success or failure is determined by the ability to complete these projects on time, within budget, and to requirements. Developing the in-house capabilities to complete these projects can be costly and risky, particularly when the business is constantly changing. Many businesses choose to outsource cloud engineering expertise to increase operational flexibility, gain access to a variety of skills, and cut costs.

NorthBay’s 200+ onshore and offshore AWS Certified solutions architects, cloud engineers, and cloud developers provide you with AWS certified staff, value and innovation, relationship management, and collaboration. Some needs are best met through staff augmentation, others through project outsourcing, and sometimes these needs overlap.

AWS Services & Expertise

NorthBay’s specialized AWS Staff Augmentation helps:

  • Maintain tighter control
  • Integrate with complex internal processes
  • Adopt new skills while still leveraging existing capabilities
  • Fill project team gaps with specialized skills
  • Acquire more resources to complete an active project
  • Cost-effectively manage IT staffing needs
  • Achieve breakthrough gains in productivity and efficiency
  • Go beyond core competencies and overcome lack of internal capabilities
  • Implement best practices and guidelines for a project

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NorthBay’s 7+ year partnership with AWS has enabled us to create real-world DevOps methodologies and best practices that we share with our clients to help improve their process and accelerate their success beyond the initial engagement.

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