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A broad spectrum of industries is taking advantage of Amazon Web Services to build Big Data Analytics to meet the ever increasing volume being generate. With Amazon Web Services we have a complete end-to-end suite of big data services to meet these needs – all on-demand, on the cloud, and with scale. Big Data with AWS provides solutions for every stage of the Big Data lifecycle. From Collection, Streaming and Storage, using relational databases, managed warehouse, NoSQL and processing real-time data streams and elastic Hadoop processing.

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Whether you are storing financial data or advertising data with AWS S3 you have durable, cost effective, scalable and accessible storage available. For longer term archival the AWS Glacier service is well-suited. For getting your own block storage there is the AWS EBS service. Collectively these provide storage solution for any need.


Amazon Redshift provides fast, petabyte-scalable, fully managed Data Warehouse as a service for fraction of price. Enough to hold any and all kinds of Big Data. Coupled with Dynamo DB for NoSQL storage and managed RDMBS instances there is a full spectrum available for the Data Warehouse in the cloud.

ETL Processing

The powerful Apache Hadoop framework is available with Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) as a managed and auto-scaling service. Allows you to run your Big Data workloads in the cloud with ease. With the launch of AWS Kinesis you have the ability to process real-time large streams of Big Data alleviating you from the hassle of infrastructure.

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