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Foundant Technologies are solely dedicated to delivering practical, user-aligned cloud technology and expertise for funders and grantseekers who want to free up time to focus on their missions.

About Foundant

Foundant Technologies has specialized exclusively in making philanthropy easier and more impactful through forward-looking technology solutions. All of our cloud-based solutions focus on the unique needs of funders, nonprofits, scholarship providers, and community foundations with the goal
to make day-to-day tasks streamlined so you can focus attention on your mission.

Start date: July, 2020
End date: September, 2020
Production date: September, 2020

Customer Challenge

Business Purpose

  • Foundant wanted to migrate its critical applications from Rackspace to AWS for scalability.

Challenges to Tackle

  • Design and implement AWS architecture for three AWS environments ( beta, sandbox and production)
  • Migrate 4 (four) .NET Windows based applications from Rackspace to AWS
  • Migrate ~400 GB of MySQL database from Rackspace to AWS Aurora RDSDeploy ECR images to ECS using AWS CICD

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Partner Solution

  • Provisioned AWS Infrastructure for three AWS environments using Terraform
  • Created windows based Docker images out of GitHub code repo, using AWS CodePipeline, Custom-Action, Step Function, SSM Document and EC2
  •  Pushed Docker images to ECR (AWS Docker Container Register )
  • Deployed Images from ECR to Windows-EC2 based ECS clusters using AWS CodePipeline
  •  Integrated unit tests and Fluent Migrator within the CodePipeline
  • Deployed Lambda Functions automatically on all three environments with each CodePipeline run
  • Implemented cross account CodePipeline for production deployment
  • Migrated ~400GB MySQL database from RackSpace to AWS RDS Aurora
  • Established fully automated CICD
  • Configured alerts & notifications for the whole deployment process

Technical Architecture Diagrams

Architecture Diagram Foudant

Architectural Components

  • VPC
  • ECS
  • ECR
  • CodePipeline, CodeBuild
  •  Step Functions
  •  SSM Documents
  • Lambda Functions
  • Technical Architecture Diagrams

Technologies Used

  • Terraform
  • Docker
  • AWS Services
    • VPC & VPN, IAM & KMS, Lambda Function, RDS Aurora
      Postgres, Simple Storage Service (S3), Route53, Application Load
      Balancer (ALB), Elastic Container Service (ECS), Code Pipeline &
      CodeBuild, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Step Function, SSM
      Documents & Parameter Store, AWS Secrets Manager, Elastic Cache,
      Amazon GuardDuty, Control Tower

Why this Solution?

  • Terraform
    • Foundant was already using Terraform for multiple applications & deployment processes so for consistency Terraform was chosen
  • Windows-EC2 based ECS
    • Foundant had a 14 years old .NET based architecture for which Windows-EC2 based ECS was used because Fargate was not providing the required support
  • CodePipeline Custom Action
    • EC2 along with CodePipeline Custom Action & SSM Document was used to build the .NET code, create and push
    • Docker images because CodeBuild doesn’t provide privileged mode support for Windows based Docker image


  • Successfully implemented the required AWS infrastructure for three environments (beta, sandbox and production)
  • Implemented CICD for four Windows based containerized application
  • Deployed the required application with autoscaling and automation
  • Did successful production cutover
  • Implemented Disaster Recovery infrastructure
Download this case study in pdf format