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As cloud adoption continues to become a primary focus for most company’s infrastructure strategy, disaster recovery capabilities for these new environments and the teams supporting them becomes critical to the business. The need to equip your team with the hands-on skills they need to prepare and execute large-scale infrastructure migrations and a capable disaster recovery strategy is crucial. This JAM Session will arm your team with the ability to understand the concepts, organize the strategy, and define the practical steps to improve the overall success for your organization.


2 Weeks

Customer Team Size

5 - 10 members


Activities that are planned for this 2-week JAM Session for
Migration / Disaster Recovery include:

  • JAM Session kickoff and use-case identification
  • JAM Session use-case definition
  • Networking Security and Operations deep dive
  • Introduction to DR on AWS Introduction of VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Comparing options (Veeam/SRM etc.) of DR to VMware Cloud
  • On-premises to Cloud disaster recovery Replication patterns and use-cases
  • Use-case preparations/sync to VMware Cloud
  • Blueprints and roadmap for Disaster Recovery cutover patterns
  • Disaster recovery Setup for Live migration or downtime with VMware Cloud
  • Failover and failback scenarios and planning/testing on AWS
  • Integrations with on-premises/cloud services
  • Failback execution from VMware Cloud to on-premises data center
  • Post failover tasks for workloads on VMware Cloud and on-premises

Representative VMware Cloud on AWS Tools/Services

  • vCenter, vSphere, SDDC (vSAN, ESXi, NSX-T), HCX
  • AWS: EC2, ALB, ENI, S3


  • Understanding of VMware Cloud capabilities/limitations on AWS
  • Understanding of overall VMware Cloud on AWS disaster recovery patterns
  • Execution of disaster recovery preparation for identified workloads
  • Cutting over to the new environment & disaster recovery failover/failback
  • High Level Disaster Recovery Implementation roadmap and next steps