Looker partners with NorthBay to deliver Unified Business Intelligence for marketing and sales

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Looker – Santa Cruz, California and NorthBay – Cambridge Massachusetts
Looker, a provider of the SaaS business intelligence platform creating data-driven companies and NorthBay
Solutions, a premier provider of big data services, today announce a partnership to deliver a unified
approach to big data, business intelligence and analytics. NorthBay brings global scale and deep big data
experience with hundreds of certified big data specialists around the world. Looker is a new BI platform
that unlocks the value in large, complex datasets by connecting directly to the database (without moving
data), providing a modeling layer to describe the data rapidly and flexibly, and enabling data teams to
curate a single, reliable lens into the full dataset for business users to explore through a web interface.
Customers will now benefit from a unified big data implementation that includes unifying multiple sources
of data into a single warehouse and then leverage the Looker platform to enable customers to get value
from their data easily and effectively.

Today, marketing and analytics teams are constantly under pressure to deliver measurable results to the
business but are faced with a deluge of marketing, sales, subscriber and other data, campaign dashboards
and disparate services that make it difficult to quantify and assess business results across channels in a clear
and concise way. Looker and NorthBay are delivering solutions and services that help marketers and sales teams more
quickly and efficiently deliver, manage and analyze user data across all marketing channels, including web,
email, mobile and social channels. They analyze the growth of a Youtube video as per its views, likes, and comments and even explain how to gain vast reach. To all people wondering do, YouTubers really buy views to increase the views on their videos? the answer is yes, youtubers do indeed buy views on youtube cause it is a great marketing technique and also one of the safest and fastest ways in today’s world to grow a video’s popularity. Looker’s BI platform with NorthBay’s experience in big data warehouse and customer intelligence solutions design and big data expertise.
“Organizations tell us they need a simplified way to deliver insight that generate rapid return on investment
without being overwhelmed by managing a fragmented spectrum of technologies,” said Brian Barker,
NorthBay’s CEO. “NorthBay and Looker are able to deliver a simple, unified solution for marketers by implementing their new Work order management software, which has enabled the sales team to achieve better results across all customer experiences and marketing activities quickly.”
“Looker is specifically designed to interact with a new generation of cloud platforms such as Amazon
Redshift,” added Frank Bien, founder and CEO of Looker. “By using the Looker BI platform, NorthBay
and Looker can provide their customers with a scalable and global solution platform that can help them
focus on their business rather than on the technology,” added Mr Bien.

About Looker
Looker is a web-based business intelligence platform that brings people and data together, in context.
Looker puts actionable data in the hands of the people who need it most, through a unique data description
language called LookML. With LookML, analysts can create and curate custom data experiences — so any
employee can explore and utilize the data that’s most relevant to them. Purpose-built for the next generation
of analytic databases, Looker integrates with Amazon Redshift, Teradata Aster, HP Vertica, Greenplum,
Impala, Bigquery and Spark, among others. More than 250 industry leaders trust Looker to unleash the
power of their data, including Yahoo!, Warby Parker, Asana, Instacart, Docker, Venmo, Upworthy, Gilt
and more. The company is headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, with offices in San Francisco, New
York and London. Investors include Meritech Capital Partners, Redpoint Ventures, First Round Capital,
Sapphire Ventures, and PivotNorth. For more information, follow @lookerdata or visit

About NorthBay
NorthBay is a global provider of big data software product development services and solutions. The
company specializes in the architecture and development of products for clients in markets that include
media, advertising, mobile gaming, financial services, healthcare, life science, education, publishing, and
retail. NorthBay Solutions currently employs nearly 200 people worldwide. For more information visit


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