NorthBay launches Amazon Redshift “FitTest” Assessment

Cambridge, MA – NorthBay Solutions, LLC, a full-service big data company, has expanded its Amazon Redshift services offerings by launching the Amazon Web Services Redshift “FitTest”. The FitTest is an intense 1-day effort that assesses suitability and match for an Amazon Redshift solution for any size company. This is an accelerated exercise packed in one day of meetings and discussions with the owners and stakeholders.

“Many organizations are considering Amazon’s Redshift Data Warehouse offering and want someone from with experience to help evaluate the solution fit”, said Brian Barker, NorthBay’s CEO. “By quickly reviewing a company’s cloud infrastructure, data sources, KPI’s, and data volume, we can make an informed evaluation and recommendation regarding the suitability and go-forward plan for Redshift within their enterprise.”
As part of NorthBay’s Amazon Redshift “FitTest” Package, NorthBay will work closely with clients and AWS to evaluate the Redshift offering in concert with the company’s strategic objectives. The result will be a documented analysis of how the Amazon Redshift offering can or should provide value and ROI to the organization.
About NorthBay

NorthBay is a global provider of web, mobile, social, and big data software product development services and solutions. The company specializes in the architecture and development of products for clients in markets that include media, advertising, mobile gaming, financial services, healthcare, life science, education, publishing, and retail. NorthBay Solutions currently employs nearly 200 people worldwide.

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Jim Keller
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