NorthBay Solutions and Beantown Game Shop launch “Bingo Shoot” and “Carnival Coin Dozer” mobile games

Cambridge, MA – NorthBay Solutions, a full-service web, mobile, and big data software product development agency, in collaboration with Beantown Game Shop announces the launch of the Bingo Shoot and Carnival Coin Dozer multi-player arcade-style mobile games. The games are now available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad users and the Google Play Store for Android users and shortly in the Amazon Kindle store.  NorthBay provided the gaming strategy, innovative monetization mechanisms, visual graphics, and software development and launch support services.  “We are thrilled to continue our exciting work in the mobile game market and collaborate with such a great partner as Beantown Game Shop” said Brian Barker, NorthBay’s CEO. “The launch of these new games continues our success in delivering high quality and engaging mobile games to the market and we look forward to a very long term relationship with Beantown Game Shop”.

About Bingo Shoot

Bingo Shoot is a unique, fun-filled and a completely new gameplay – never tried before.  Take control of your luck, drop a ball and shoot for bingo numbers, power-ups and other rewards. As you collect numbers, they get auto-daubed on your card. Call out Bingo as soon as you have it! Play with friends and other players and compete to claim maximum number of Bingos!  But that’s not all. The bash is laden with power-ups, XPs, coins, and tons more to create a unique and addicting experience. Usage of Regular and Elite power-ups increases your chances of winning and yielding effects like extra coins, free Bingo Dollars and even more! Every game grants rewards to level up and unlock new rooms. So travel through time from the aristocratic themes of Stone Age to the glisters of Modern Era.  Bingo Shoot also links to social media services, such as Facebook. This lets you invite your Facebook friends to play the game with you and even post your feats on Facebook.

Game Features

  • Unique and engaging game-play
  • Travel through times and play different rooms with unique themes
  • Employ power-ups and special pegs to beef-up the game
  • Connect with players via Facebook and Apple’s Game Center ID
  • Play with people around the world
  • Exchange rich gifts with friends
  • Multi iOS device support
  • Compatible with any iOS 5.0+ device
  • Compatible with Android devices

About Carnival Coin Dozer

Set amidst an ambiance of festivity, Carnival Coin Dozer is bound to enhance your experience of playing this arcade game. It comes with exotic prizes, magical coins, and above all, Premium Rewards! Just push tons of coins and exciting prizes into your bucket by dropping some from the machine. But keep guard! Don’t push this treasure off the sides and into oblivion.  Collect candies, teddy bears, fluffy unicorns, pearl necklaces, and more for special bonuses or even more coins! You mustn’t miss out on special coins that make your progress in the game easy! Stockpile side wall coins and then up your walls whenever you really want them. Convert side gutters into buckets to collect even those coins that fall off the sides, and be on the lookout for Lucky coins that turn into any of those special coins.  And yes, complete a set of prizes and trade them off for coins and power-ups!  The fun doesn’t end here. There’s another super awesome feature in the form of Premium Rewards!  There’s no need to worry if your coins run out: You’ll earn free coins while you play or some more while you’re away.

Game Features

  • Colorful and vibrant 3D graphics
  • Loads of interactive special coins and prizes to collect, including basketball caps, carnival masks, water guns, chocolate bars, and more!
  • Premium rewards (Kiip premium reward)
  • Immersive user experience
  • Get special coins on leveling up
  • Brag about your rewards with your Facebook friends and tell them about your feats in Carnival Coin Dozer
  • Earn free coins by watching free videos and downloading apps

About NorthBay Solutions

NorthBay Solutions, LLC is a global provider of web, mobile, social, and big data software product design and development services and solutions.  The company specializes in the architecture and development of products for clients in markets that include mobile gaming, media, advertising, financial services, healthcare, life science, education, publishing, and retail.  NorthBay currently employs nearly 200 people worldwide.