NorthBay Solutions named as one of the Top 25 Most Promising Big Data companies

Outsourcing Gazette - NorthBay Top 25 Big Data Award


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NorthBay 25 Most Promising Big Data Companies


NorthBay Solutions is recognized as a premier provider of Big Data Outsourcing services

Cambridge, MA, May 11, 2015 — NorthBay Solutions, LLC, a full-service big data company, has been recognized by Outsourcing Gazette as top 25 performer in the Big Data outsourced services market. NorthBay stands out as a company that focuses on delivering on the promise of turning data into insight based upon actual client success stories and not just hype.

When awarded this acclaim NorthBay’s CEO Brian Barker said, “We are truly honored to be recognized among the Top 25 Most Promising Big Data companies. Our employees have worked tirelessly to focus on providing our customers with truly insightful data that is both actionable and dynamic with and eye towards quality, time to market and performance.” Barker also added, “our clients are the beneficiaries of years of work, intellectual property, carefully honed processes and Big Data expertise.”

The results of NorthBay’s efforts have resulted in customers seeing improved performance, enhanced revenue, and improved operational efficiency as well as more timely information. The Outsourcing Gazette article can be found here

About NorthBay

NorthBay is a global provider of web, mobile and big data software product development services and solutions.  The company specializes in the architecture and development of products for clients in markets that include media, advertising, mobile gaming, financial services, healthcare, life science, education, publishing, and retail.  NorthBay Solutions currently employs nearly 200 people worldwide.   For more information visit

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NorthBay 25 Most Promising Big Data Companies


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