Open Learning Exchange and NorthBay Solutions become Strategic Partners to ensure a quality basic education for all

Cambridge, MA  The Open Learning Exchange, Inc. and NorthBay Solutions, Inc. have entered into a Strategic Partnership to work towards the common goal of enabling everyone to achieve a quality basic education.  NorthBay is developing software for OLE’s Learning Management System, including open learning games and exercises. OLE’s low cost and scalable Open Learning Approach is being deployed in those parts of the developing world without connection to the Internet and the electrical grid.  “When we met Richard and OLE, and understood their commitment to revolutionize the education of children in the developing world, we were intrigued”, said Brian Barker, CEO of NorthBay.  “But when we experienced their capacity to actually change the learning ecosystem and to ensure a great education for children, and their communities, we were convinced!  We are honored to join with OLE as a Partner in their mission.”

The goal of this Strategic Partnership is to transform villages, and ultimately entire nations, into powerful open learning communities.  “NorthBay really understands what OLE is all about,” said Richard Rowe, CEO of OLE. “They are wonderful technologists. But their main attraction for OLE is they are one of the rare companies that can build and deliver technologies that function effectively both and off the internet in a way that is game changing.  This partnership with NorthBay will accelerate significantly our progress in improving the lives of children, and in strengthening the quality of their communities, in the remote parts of the world where it is most needed.”  NorthBay’s expertise in web software products, applications and games, coupled with its commitment to serve even the world’s most marginalized populations and OLE’s development of a global network of nation-based organizations committed to ensuring access for everyone to a quality learning environment, make these two organizations ideal partners.