Assured Labor

Employee Recruitment for Emerging Markets

Project Description


Assured Labor’s goal is to provide 3 billion people with a better means to find work. In the world’s emerging economies there are 1.5 billion Internet users.  Sounds big, but there are over 3X that many mobile subscriptions (4.5 billion) in those countries.   So, 3 of 4 Internet users access the web sporadically but  nearly everyone has a cell phone. Assured Labor’s service leverages the power of mobile phones and the Internet to rapidly connect employers with the best mid-to-low wage candidates in their area.

NorthBay has worked side by side with the Assured Labor team for the past 5 years and assisted in building the Assured Labor core product, Android versions and also done a lot of the QA work.

What’s Cool About This Project

Getting people a job is always cool in and of itself. Fun fact – Assured Labor’s solution was founded at the MIT MediaLab!

Our Client’s Perspective

Assured Labor has been working with Northbay for nearly 5 years. The company specializes in startups; they understand the Agile methodology, quick release and constantly changing priorities. Their ability to think through issues and see the world as we do means we’re more likely to hit our deadlines and provide our customers with the products they demand.”
David M. Reich, Assured Labor – Founder & CEO
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