Mobile Job Management Software for Contractors

Project Description


Build Beam levels the playing field for Small and Medium Businesses by providing them with the same tools previously only available to industry giants.  It is a cohesive set of mobile and web based applications, powered by AWS, that offer SMB’s a ready to use SAAS offering.  It can be set up in less than a day and requires no training.

BuildBeam is an intuitive mobile application that :

  • Organizes and tracks customers and jobs:
  • Efficiently manages business from job contract to one-click supplier purchase orders
  • Eliminates manual, redundant processes
  • No more re-keying and rechecking at every step
  • Reduces errors, easily accesses quotes from multiple sources
  • Streamlines and tracks customer order changes
  • Matches PO and supplier invoices at line item level
  • Schedules jobs with integrated calendars using email and messaging
  • Eliminates phone tag and no shows
  • Provides transparency to analyze your business
  • Is Easy to use — same day setup and no training required

Project Challenge

The main challenge for this project was rapid pace.  To succeed Build Beam needed to create  a complex set of cohesive Mobile applications that needed to work harmoniously with web components. A full service set of tasks were in order Requirements Generation, Architecture, Prototype Building, Graphic Design, Front End iOS App, Back end Web components, Analytics etc…

And They needed to deliver to paying customers within 4 months from the first keystroke capturing requirements. Whaaat??  NorthBay accepted the challenge.

And the results? – In  4 months paying customers were  using production software delivered On-Time and On-Budget.

Whats Cool About This Project

Two main things that we are very proud of:

  1. Small Construction sales teams now have better tools and can deliver better service than Industry Behemoths (NorthBay believes in supporting SMB’s)
  2. The founders were used to Industry Standard elongated product development cycles.  NorthBay collapsed traditional time frames and got them to revenue in a few months! (NorthBay believes in supporting our client’s revenue streams)


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