EPS Literacy and Intervention

K-12 Literacy and Intervention Mobile Courses

Project Description


When you assist children to excel at reading, math and science you have made the world a better place.  EPS does just that! When we were asked to help them to bring their intellectual alchemy to iPads and Android tablets we got to share in their good deeds.

Project Challenge

Wordly Wise and Wordly Wise 3000 contain riddles, crossword puzzles, hidden messages, and many other engaging activities to help kids in grades K through 12 absorb up to 4,050 new vocabulary words in the best way—by using them in context. Students build their reading vocabularies while simultaneously strengthening their reading, critical thinking, and writing skills. Each lesson introduces a dozen new words and includes practice exercises; unique “Wordly Wise” sections discuss etymologies and clear up word confusions.

When real world reading puzzles, exercises and their associated timings need to be accurately synchronized across books – the desktop – and then again to the  iPad & Android Tablet  world –  and the timings and success criterion need to produce identical results across these disparate platforms –  you just might just have an engineering challenge on your hands.   We are happy to say EPS and Northbay were up to the challenge.

What’s Cool About This Project

This project allowed legacy corporate assets to bridge to the new world.  There is so much value locked away in legacy form factors – NorthBay unlocks that value for the Mobile World.

At a Glance

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