Ultimate Online Facebook Fishing Game

Project Description

p_fishproWhen we met with 3RW it was clear – Our mission if we chose to accept it was to build a realistic Facebook fishing game that would be loved by casual gamers and hard core fisherman alike.

It had to have exotic locales that would bring the chill of the artic and the island breezes alike to the desktop fisherman. It had to provide a “real world” fishing experience. It had to blend real world brands and goods, with virtual world fun.

Project Challenge

3RW won many real world sponsors – Ranger Boats, Evinrude Engines, Damiki Lures, Mercury Engines, FLW, The Discovery Channel, etc.
We needed to find the way to faithfully represent these brands and their branded products into FishPro in a way that enhanced their value in both the real and virtual worlds. How did we do? You should play the game and tell us.

What’s Cool About This Project

After 9 months in FishPro had over 1.6 million facebook likes. What?? Yes that’s not a typo over 1.6 million facebook likes in 9 months

At a Glance

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