AdTech: Big Data with Analytics

Project Description


Vevo offers the largest collection of music videos on Earth!  Perhaps a good way to think about Vevo is – they are Hulu for music videos. They are the video hosting services owned and operated by music industry luminaries including Universal Music, Google, Sony Music.  Millions of people love and use their services each and every day.

Project Challenge

Mo Videos = Mo Challenges

There really aren’t more problems with more videos – but there is a heck of a lot more data!  So how does Vevo make sense of it all.   Well – a NorthBay AWS Redshift JumpStart can provide a great start.  The NorthBay AWS Redshift JumpStart identifies many Big Data use cases that move the business needle.  One of those cases is selected and solved via the JumpStart.  The others are documented and put into a scheduled delivery plan.

All of this leads to Even Mo Videos – With NO Problems!

What’s Cool About This Project

We all got to see what user’s were really doing on the web and through the Vevo mobile application.  Vevo has gained valuable insight into user behavior – not an easy thing to do!

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