In-Game Mobile Video Advertising Network

Project Description

p_vungleIOS or Android?  It doesn’t matter. If you are a mobile application developer Vungle helps you promote and monetize your apps via 15 second in-app videos ads that people actually enjoy watching.

Vungle is a cutting edge in-mobile video advertising network. Globally they provide advertisers and publishers a way to solve the greatest challenge in mobile;  monetizing their applications.

What’s Cool About This Project

Vungle has served over 2 Billion ads!  How often do you get to say that you worked on something seen by more than 2 Billion people? Well in our case, at least once.

NorthBay was fortunate enough to be chosen to work alongside the Vungle team.   Check out  how a Vungle founder feels about working with us …

Client Testimonial

“I really buy into the vision of what they are building for NorthBay. NorthBay’s focus on team development, through their NorthBay University program, is representative of their ethos to build for the needs of their customers and focus on forging long-term customer relationships. We were impressed with the highly diligent QA processes employed at NorthBay and also the strength of their mobile development teams.”
Jack Smith, Co-Founder Vungle
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