Building a Data Lake on AWS with NorthBay

By using a Data Lake, you no longer need to worry about structuring or transforming data before storing it. A Data Lake on AWS enables your organization to more rapidly analyze data, helping you quickly discover new business insights. Join us for our webinar to learn about the benefits of building a Data Lake on AWS and how your organization can begin reaping their rewards.

NorthBay is "Teaching Old Data New Tricks™"

Learn how Eliza Corporation and Scholastic overcame this challenge by leveraging a Data Lake solution from NorthBay on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to optimize data analytics and provide greater visibility. AWS and NorthBay provide an in-depth overview of how you can use a Data Lake in conjunction with your existing on-premises or cloud-based Data Warehouse. NorthBay helps organizations scale their ETL and data warehousing workloads using Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) and Amazon Redshift.#Redshift #NorthBay #BigDataBoston.

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