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Saas Product Development – Embrace the Cloud.

SaaS based Products and Multi-tenant applications have taken the web by storm. Growing data from SaaS applications and online social media resulted in evolution of cloud computing and need for rapid hosting. NorthBay Solutions has been part of the success story. We have delivered many successful SaaS applications and we have been able to help our customers cut costs and scale up by utilizing cloud hosting.  Understanding your business goals, competitive advantages, user tasks and information design are the first steps in designing SaaS. We start by talking to stakeholders and users to learn more about business requirements and user behaviors and needs. This knowledge provides the foundation for the development of optimal SaaS user experiences.

Multi-Tenant Applications

SaaS products a Rich Internet Application frameworks, great User Experiences based on HTML5, published APIs, frequent software feature upgrades, support for third party software integrations, support for analytics, and support for mobile applications, but few successful SaaS companies build a product today without these attributes.  There are many company benefits to moving to SaaS, it is crucial that the development organization has a plan to ensure their SaaS product is “world-class” — innovative, robust, extensible, scalable and integratable with a modern user experience that delights.

Utilizing Cloud Hosting

SaaS (Software as a Service) is any cloud service where users are able to access software applications over the internet. The applications are hosted in “the cloud” and can be used for a wide range of tasks for both individuals and organisations. Google, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr are all examples of SaaS, with users able to access the services via any internet enabled device. Enterprise users are able to use applications for a range of needs, including accounting and invoicing, tracking sales, planning, performance monitoring and communications (including webmail and instant messaging).

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