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ML/AI solutions on AWS Cloud

We help organizations accelerate and achieve the dramatic results that innovative ML/AI solutions can deliver in the AWS Cloud, on premise, or in a Hybrid environment. Our ML/AI architects, data scientists and engineers help our customers completely redefine their way business operates and delivers. We use our extensive experience, machine learning and artificial intelligence understanding, and advanced analytics and advanced programming skills to help you plan, build, deploy and manage your ML/AI use cases. With our solutions, we have helped our global customer base build enterprise applications that enable informed and improved decision making, anomaly detection, process automation, future forecasting, increased productivity and much more.

As most IT professionals and business leaders now know, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a science that reflects a human ability.

And machine learning (ML) on the other hand is a specific subset of AI that trains a machine how to learn based on the input and training provided. Key factors in rising demand for ML/AI solutions are driven by the exponential growth in volume and classification of data available, computational processing from providers like AWS that is economical and significantly more powerful, and affordable data storage. We help customers to quickly and automatically generate models that can more quickly work on petabyte scale of data and still get the accurate results and create extraordinary insights (irrespective of the complexity).

Companies and organizations choose AWS cloud based technologies simply because AWS remains the most trusted, and comprehensive infrastructure and service offering for innovating in the cloud, period. And, when selecting an AWS partner, NorthBay continues to stand out and be recommended by AWS and our customers, again and again.

Here are just some of the benefits of using AWS ML/AI solutions and services –

  • High-Performance – AWS provides a high performance compute, networking, and storage infrastructure, available broadly on a pay-as-you-go basis, enabling development teams to train their models on an as-needed basis and not let infrastructure hold back their innovation.
  • Cost-effective – As companies move from exploring and experimenting with machine learning to deploying their applications at-scale, AWS offers the ideal combination of performance and low-cost infrastructure services across the entire application development lifecycle.
  • Highly flexible – Over 70% of companies that are building machine learning applications have stated that their teams use a mix of different ML frameworks. AWS ML infrastructure supports all of the popular deep learning frameworks (e.g. TensorFlow, PyTorch), allowing your teams to pick the right framework to match their preference and development efficiency.
Why Organizations choose Northbay for Machine Learning/AI

As compute infrastructures have evolved and Artificial Intelligence tools and numerous ML algorithms have gained popularity in the business analytics community, NorthBay has been there to help lead our customers to new heights. We leverage machine learning to enhance our customer’s business scalability and improve their operations.

Specifically, NorthBay has been delivering across many industry verticals, including banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, supply chain etc. The industries are working with huge amounts of data and demand near real-time insights to be more efficient and become more competitive in their markets.

As our customer’s consider harnessing these newer technologies, ML/AI can create some unique challenges. NorthBay can help you to overcome these challenges and make your journey much smoother and enable your team as we move along by addressing:

  • Time-consuming deployment
  • Overestimating result delivery
  • Unavailability of data
  • Issues with data security
  • Scaling challenges
  • Lack of Machine Learning experts
  • Expensive deployment

We Delivered

AI and ML enabled use cases where NorthBay helped customers achieve superb results:

Fraud detection
Product recommendation
Predictive analytics
Production shortages
Sales recommendations
Sales pattern recognition
Real time pricing
Heart beat classification
Document classification
Personalized marketing
Customer churn predictions
Customer support
Education/learning intervention
Student learning patterns
Equipment maintenance prevention (safety, repairs, etc.)