PSL Group – AWS Database Migration

PSL Group – AWS Database Migration

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PSL Group – AWS Database Migration

PSL Group

PSL Group

PSL Group is a global organization dedicated to putting information at the service of medicine. The companies and people of the PSL Group aim to improve medical care by serving those who need it, those who provide it and those who seek to improve it. PSL Group collects data about physicians via surveys and web data collection methods. The goal is to locate a personal email for each physician. Email campaigns are sent out to a physician’s personal email address and aggregations are performed regarding physician’s skills. PSL Group sells recommendation (aggregate) data to physicians. The Integrated Data Hub (IDH) is a composite of multiple storage types. The Raw and Ingestion Zones utilize AWS S3. A relational database design is used for the Lima DB Zone. Snowflake is used for the Data Warehouse (DW) Zone.


  1. Disparate systems to manage the data life cycle for contacts running on monolithic legacy systems
  2. Lack integrated data hub with microservices architecture

Solution Delivered to Meet Challenges

  1. A Serverless Application Architecture was proposed following AWS Well-Architected Framework guidelines
  2. The application was divided into multiple stacks to streamline deployment and testing
  3. All deployment tasks were automated using Cloudformation and Code Deploy
  4. Once the testing was complete in the Staging environment, deployment to Prod was a matter of merging the code to the master branches

Architecture Diagram

AWS Services Used

  • AWS S3
  • AWS RDS (PostgreSQL)
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS API GateWay
  • AWS Firehose
  • AWS Fargate
  • AWS Cloud Formation
  • AWS Code Commit
  • AWS Code Pipeline
  • AWS Code Deploy

Database Workload Migration Details

  • 2 databases migrated by PSL’s DBAs

Migration Patterns Used

  • The existing solution being migrated was a monolith which was studied extensively by P/S/L technical people. An SDD (Solution Design Document) was written against each functionality being handled by TibCo at the point. The SDD detailed each and every step to be coded by the developers in the corresponding API/Job. Each developer was assigned a set of SDDs to work on.
  • Data from the existing database was migrated to the RDS Postgresql instance using Knime workflows which read data from the source applied the required transformations and wrote to the destination database.

Migration Tools Used

  • Knime

Third-Party Tools Used

  • SnowFlake

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