Wendy’s – AWS Database Migration

Wendy’s – AWS Database Migration

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Wendy’s – AWS Database Migration



Wendy’s is an international fast food restaurant chain having around 7,000 branches worldwide. Out of all the branches, only 5% are company-owned restaurants whereas rest of them are franchised branches.

Wendy’s has various functional areas and there is collected big data about these departments. Data/Reports related to the company-owned branches were centralized but it was not centralized with franchise branches. Wendy’s wanted a big data solution to better analyze the business areas in order to improve business KPIs and to best utilize their available resources.


  1. QSR Restaurant owners do not have self-service capabilities and rely on corporate for analysis
  2. Limited capability for Market Basket Analysis
  3. Approaching hardware limits and need to procure additional capacity

Solution Delivered to Meet Challenges

  1. Change of ETL tool (Informatica to Snaplogic)
  2. Create reporting dashboards on Qlik
  3. Building a data lake on S3

Architecture Diagram

AWS Services Used

  • AWS Redshift
  • AWS Redshift Spectrum
  • AWS S3
  • AWS EC2 (Qlik and Snaplogic Servers)
  • AWS Cognito
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • AWS API Gateway
  • AWS Elastic Search
  • AWS DynamoDb
  • AWS Athena

Database Workload Migration Details

  • 1 Oracle database
  • 1 SQL Server database
  • Overall 150+ Tables having size of more than 10 TB.
  • SMG (Survey Management System) – JSON Files
  • Sources and Targets:
    • Oracle Exadata -> Redshift
    • Oracle Exadata -> S3
    • SQL Server -> Redshift
    • SQL Server -> S3

Migration Patterns Used

  • Converted Informatica ETL logic into Snaplogic
  • Extrated useful information from oracle and ms sql to Redshift

Migration Tools Used

  • Snaplogic

Third-Party Tools Used

  • Snaplogic (ETL Tool)
  • Qlik Sense (Reporting Tool)

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