As AWS customers seek to move fast and stay secure, compliant and would like to continue to innovate without sacrificing speed and agility of AWS. As Customers build out their initial AWS environment or continue to migrate from their existing platform the need to govern at scale using central security and compliance rules in multi-account environments remains crucial. Control Tower is an AWS native service providing a pre-defined set of blueprints and guardrails to help customers implement a landing zone for new AWS accounts


2 Weeks

Customer Team Size

5 - 10 members


  • Activities that are planned for these 2 weeks JAM session for
  • AWS Control Tower are:
  • JAM Session use-case definition
  • Control Tower Deep feature/function overview
  • Use-Case alignment and execution requirements with
  • Control Tower
  • AWS Control Tower account setup and configuration
  • AWS Organizational Unit (OU) Creation
  • Policy enforcement overview
  • Centralized logging setup
  • Account life cycle Management
  • CT SSO and Active Directory integration
  • Control Tower dashboard review
  • JAM Session wrap-up

Architectural  Diagram

image 1


  • Review Control Tower features and define a specific customer use-case
  • Explore the purpose and use of Control Tower within your organization
  • Formulate a test use-case reference architecture
  • Jointly execute a Control Tower test setup based upon the customer use-case
  • Exercise Control Tower and review outcomes and success