Active Science

Cloud Big Data & Mobile STEM w/ YMCA

Project Description


Active Science is a grass roots initiative created within the YMCA Movement to promote improved physical activity and educational achievement.  The Merrimack Valley YMCA and its academic partner Merrimack College have created a tablet mobile application supported by a cloud big data, powered by AWS.  Active Science combines STEM experiences with Education Achievement and Fun Competitions.  By blending fun physical activities with hands-on learning experiences, Active Science creates opportunities for children to play, explore, and discover. Interactive technologies, individual and team challenges, and recognition of achievements keep kids engaged and learning while they actively burn calories! Hundreds of kids are using this solution everyday.

Project Challenge

Perfecting a mobile application that will be used by adolescents isn’t easy.  Active Science leaned on NorthBay’s mobile gaming and user interaction skills to create an application that would be engaging, easily used and valuable in driving physical activity.  Oh – and did we mention kids don’t always treat their devices with respect :).  Also, making sure that our AWS Big Data solution captured and reported all of the data collected in a timely way was critical.  The NorthBay Big Data experience came in handy as we married the mobile application with the backend.  We got quite a rush when we started seeing the data start rolling in.

so – more physical activities, more learning, more data = a win win!

What’s Cool About This Project

Seeing the kids in the YMCAs using the application, having fun and learning all at the same time – WOW!

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