Karma Science

Facebook Person-to-Person Gifting

Project Description


We had no idea what we were helping to create when we started working with Karma Science. Sure we knew these guys were good and founded one of the most successful mobile ad companies of all time in TapJoy. Yeah, we knew that mobile gifting was a hot area.

But who knew that Facebook would acquire them and make them the Facebook gifting engine. We didn’t. But Karma Science founders Ben Lewis and Lee Linden did!


What’s Cool About This Project

Did we mention that Facebook acquired them for a lot of money?
 #41 most successful person in Silicon Valley


Client Testimonial

“NorthBay is by far the best mobile outsourced development firm I’ve worked with. If you’re looking to build cutting edge mobile apps Northbay is a great place to start.
Brian Barker and his team helped us grow Tapjoy considerably, and they continued to help us at Karma as well. They have done everything from software development to QA to project management.”

Ben Lewis – Founder Karma Science / TapJoy


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