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NorthBay Solutions and CloudRail Partner to provide Industrial IoT Driven Analytical Insights to Organizations

Industrial IoT specialists, CloudRail and NorthBay Solutions, an AWS Premier Partner and leading expert in data analytics, are excited to announce their strategic partnership. This partnership creates a unique opportunity for manufactures to harness the power of their assets’ data by allowing for the acquisition and analysis of that data from industrial machines, robots, sensors, and various operational technology (OT) platforms.

In this new age of Industrial IoT and connect factories, companies are seeking a competitive advantage to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and maximize their industrial investments. Manufacturers’ assets collect hundreds, if not thousands of data points every millisecond, all of which tell a story. The story, if not properly weaved together through advanced analytics does not provide real-time, valuable insights into what is or likely will happen with your asset.

With the use of CloudRail’s IIoT Edge Box coupled with NorthBay’s advanced analytics prowess, harnessing the power of your machine data to drive manufacturing excellence and OEE has never been easier. The power of capturing and applying advanced analytics to your machine data is boundless. Companies who have already invested have reported benefits such as increased production output, reduction in unplanned downtime, and increased machine lifespan to name a few.

NorthBay Solutions will utilize CloudRail’s technology to extract and ingest data from industrial machinery and equipment applications. The solution makes it possible to connect modern plants (Greenfield) via common industrial protocols such as OPC-UA, as well as to retrofit older machines (Brownfield) with additional sensor technology.

The forging of the CloudRail / NorthBay partnership has resulted in bringing to market our first packaged IIoT StarterKit, offering a simple, cost-effective option to begin your IIoT journey. The StarterKit is a packaged solution that allows companies to quickly realize a PoC and validate IIoT requirements and effectiveness. The solution can then be scaled to accommodate larger and/or distributed plants.

“Our goal is to generate long-term business value for our customers through advanced analytics and actionable insights. With CloudRail’s technology coupled with NorthBay’s advanced analytics, AI, & ML prowess, we can now help companies maximize the value of their industrial assets and improve OEE for manufacturers around the globe” says Irfan Virk, CEO NorthBay Solutions

“NorthBay Solutions is a strong partner to deliver IIoT solutions globally. Their advanced analytics, AI, & ML expertise is unparalleled in the market, and we look forward to harnessing the power of this partnership in the markets we serve” says Philip Weber, Strategic Partner Manager at CloudRail.

High initial investments and unclear IT security requirements still make many customers hesitant. Completely unfounded, explains Felix Kollmar: “The solution meets the security requirements of large DAX companies and uses current standards. Moreover, with the help of CloudRail’s plug-and-play approach, prototypes can be realized within a week and then flexibly adapted. The cost-effective start into IIoT projects is also scalable to a complete IIoT ecosystem later on.” Felix Kollmar, CEO CloudRail.

About NorthBay Solutions

NorthBay Solutions is a USA based, business solutions organization. NorthBay has over a decade of development and solution delivery experience, which has enabled them to create real-world DevOps methodologies and best practices that they share with their clients to help them improve their processes and accelerate their success beyond the initial engagement.

NorthBay has strong development and implementation services operations. Their >300 employees excel in developing and deploying database & application migrations, data lakes and analytics, ML/AI, DevOps and application and data modernization/development that drive measurable business impact. NorthBay is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, supporting their customers to accelerate the reinvention of their applications and data for a cloud native world.

About CloudRail

CloudRail is an IIoT expert based in Germany that offers a fully managed solution to acquire data from industrial environments and send it to any cloud — Plug&Play. CloudRail works for greenfield as well as brownfield applications. It uses industry standards like OPC-UA to connect modern equipment, while old machines are retrofitted with secondary sensors.

A database of over 12,000 sensor definitions in combination with automated data normalization and device provisioning reduces the setup time for connecting industrial machines to the cloud from weeks to just hours. Besides faster time to value for IIoT projects, CloudRail provides a cloud-based device management solution which allows enterprise customers to securely roll-out, manage, and update thousands of globally distributed edge devices.