Digital companies have been disrupting Consumer businesses for years. But, traditional companies are making a strong comeback. NorthBay is helping organizations create enhanced direct-to-consumer pathways to market, utilize digital avenues to cultivate customers directly and through their channels. A cognitive supply chain balances supply and demand, streamlines warehousing, and improves logistics. With NorthBay, you can navigate business upheavals and become more agile, modern, and resilient.

  • Gain Insight – We help customers develop data integration platforms that can:
    1. Accelerate digital analytics capture of the customer journey,
    2. Identify consumer trends using Artificial Intelligence, and
    3. Make decisions that accelerate and optimize purchases.
  • Modernize – We help customers recreate and renew the consumer experience through application modernization and data optimization.
  • Scale and accelerate – We help customers remove the constraints of legacy platforms and technology to gain access to agile, robust, and more secure infrastructure.
  • E-Commerce on AWS
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  • Data Warehouse | AWS RedShift | Remax Integration
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NorthBay collaborates with schools, universities, and ed-tech innovators to create a digital ecosystem that detects stakeholder requirements and delivers successful outcomes. We help educators virtualize and personalize the learning environment, help faculty thrive and develop customised content, help parents enable and monitor their children’s progress, and help research institutions accelerate innovation. From student enrollment to campus recruitment to research labs, administrators and faculty use digital tools to streamline processes and create financial and educational success stories.

  • Gain Insight – We help institutions migrate institutional data from on-premises data stores to AWS Data Lake using best practices, to reduce cost bartprint and inform data-driven decisions. We help create Data Lakes to interactive data visualization and artificial intelligence tools to gain insights such as identifying and supporting at-risk students, optimizing currula offerings, and accelerating and optimizing research entities’ clinical trials.
  • Modernize – We help migrate and modernize systems applications/platforms and personalize/optimize the student online administrative experience and campus life.
  • Scale and accelerate – We help institutions migrating and secure school, faculty/student, and research computing services to modern platforms to build agility and scalability, reduce cost, and add resiliency
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