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Want a recipe for a web site that your customers are sure to love?

OK – then combine a Michelin starred chef named Michael Mina – a Grammy winning musical superstar who knows her way around kitchen in Michelle Branch – a Hall of Fame football player in Ronny Lott – add in a great CEO like Tanya Melillo and you got yourself a pretty hot web site.

NorthBay had fun building this food lovers paradise  to bing free videos, recipes and pro chef tips that help home cooks and food lovers become more confident in the kitchen.

Michael, along with other world-renowned chefs and celebrities, teaches you how to prepare remarkable meals that you won’t believe you can make at home. On Cook Taste Eat, you will learn more than how to simply follow a recipe, you will gain the lasting skills of how to taste and balance sweet, spicy, rich and acidic flavors to take your cooking to the next level.

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