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Migrating your SAP systems and data to AWS

NorthBay helps our customers run SAP on AWS so they can benefit from AWS’s state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure services. Migrating your SAP systems and data to AWS unlocks a new realm of possibilities. Whether you choose to lift & shift existing infrastructure to reduce costs, modernize business processes with native AWS services, or need infrastructure support to transform to SAP S/4HANA, NorthBay can help you reimagine what is possible with SAP on AWS. Join more than 5,000 active customers who have chosen AWS as their partner for SAP cloud infrastructure and services.

The business benefits of running SAP workloads on AWS are already well proven with thousands of customers now running such workloads. It brings together the skills and strengths of people and machines, thus establishing the foundation for innovative business models and services.

Customers choose AWS because it has the most complete cloud environment for business innovation and is delivering a variety of benefits to their SAP application and SAP HANA workloads. With the largest number of SAP Certified Compute Instances, the AWS Cloud meets these customers’ critical needs for performance, rapid provisioning, scalability, compliance and security.

Why Organizations choose NorthBay for “SAP on AWS” Journey

NorthBay works with organizations around the globe to engineer robust, secure, and cost-optimized cloud-based digital platforms on AWS that transform them into modern, digital, and innovative enterprises. Our SAP on AWS Cloud services enables you to increase innovation, scale business services, improve operational agility and stay on top of the competition.

Hosting SAP solutions on AWS can present many challenges, starting from building a solid business case and defining the roadmap to choosing the best and most secure solution and migrating instances to integrate with your existing IT landscape. Whether you are moving on-prem workloads or migrating between different cloud providers, NorthBay’s project management, incredibly skilled technical staff, and our Workload Migration Services remove risk and accelerate migration. We utilize the best practices we’ve developed while supporting the world’s most complex cloud environments to ensure your migration path is efficient and secure.

NorthBay’s dedicated SAP on AWS Consulting team can orchestrate your SAP cloud migration end-to-end, whether it’s an isolated portion of your SAP landscape, such as disaster recovery or Test / Dev or a mission-critical S/4HANA Production Systems.

Companies and organizations choose AWS cloud-based technologies simply because AWS remains the most trusted, and comprehensive infrastructure and service offering for innovating in the cloud. And, when selecting an AWS partner, NorthBay continues to stand out and be recommended by AWS and our customers, again and again.

Results we delivered

NorthBay Solution has a strong track record of successfully delivering solutions for customers on AWS Cloud, in particular for SAP.

NorthBay Solutions provides the AWS Cloud and SAP expertise, where we collaborate and transfer knowledge to the customers, so their application and business knowledge is built into the process and can effectively support the new environment when it goes live.