nbs botnostic partnership

NorthBay Solutions is proud to announce that we have formed a partnership with Botnostic Solutions, a provider of Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics and Chatbot solutions for businesses and corporations looking to grow their business through AI Chatbot solutions.

As an AWS Premier Partner, we are excited to collaborate and see what new innovations the combination of Botnostic’s AI proficiency and NorthBay’s digital cloud prowess will deliver to our customers and our global community. Botnostic’s innovative solution offerings hosted on AWS Platform include; Recruitment shortlisting services using AI driven assessment of applicants based on specific job descriptions, Career progression assessment and planning of employees for Organizations, AI driven on-line career advisory and placement office services for educational institutions. The career advisory service is being used by students from more than 100 countries across the globe and provides some powerful insights to educational institutions and planning bodies around emerging career trends and course offerings.

NorthBay will not only be marketing these solutions but also build custom analytics and insights for educational institutions and commercial organizations, using the powerful suite of analytical tools available on the robust AWS Platform