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Lahore – October 24, 2021: NorthBay Solutions, an AWS Premier Partner in Pakistan, has successfully migrated SAP workloads of its client, International Brands Limited (IBL), onto AWS. The cloud migration promises to boost business agility, flexibility and economic value for the client.

In order to improve operational efficiency and enhance performance, IBL—an established world-class conglomerate managing a diverse portfolio of companies across consumer retail, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, distribution and e-commerce sectors in Pakistan—reached out to NorthBay to migrate its systems to the AWS cloud.

NorthBay Solutions partners with organizations around the globe to engineer solutions for SAP on AWS. They are the only AWS Premier Consulting Partner in Pakistan, with more than 350 AWS certified employees focused on helping organizations drive measurable business impact.

IBL’s trust was rewarded with a successful cloud migration completed to expectation, under time, under budget, and without any unwanted impact on IBL’s operations. To ensure IBL’s continued success, NorthBay is providing technical support services to IBL and proactively monitoring and maintaining their AWS infrastructure and operations. Furthermore, NorthBay is committed to ensuring the maximum financial benefit to IBL in monitoring their costs and advising management on how to streamline processes for maximum ROI.

Sharing his thoughts about the development, IBL CEO Munis Abdullah said, “IBL had come to a decision point where we either needed to re-invest in the current on-premises datacenter or to migrate the systems onto the public cloud. Our decision was influenced primarily by IBL’s future expansion goals and plans for making our applications more robust and feature rich besides fostering our preparedness for developing new capabilities like data analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT). We are thankful to NorthBay for completing the entire process in a smooth and hassle-free manner.”

Senior Vice President of NorthBay Solutions, Mr. John Flavin, added, “This was a great opportunity to work with one of the largest business organizations in the country. We are glad that the migration process has been completed without any disruption to IBL’s operations. We look forward to IBL’s next big venture which entails migration of the remaining business applications on 70+ servers to Cloud, helping them operate in an all-cloud model.”

About NorthBay:

NorthBay Solutions, a US-based AWS Premier Consulting Partner, is a global full-service Big Data , ML/AI and Database Migration professional services company. Over the years, NorthBay has developed expertise in migrating mission-critical custom legacy applications and data workloads including data warehouses in over 200 project engagements for hundreds of customers including Amway, Eliza Corporation, Wendy’s, Scholastic, Nationwide Insurance, Vector Solutions, Edmentum, Intelligize, Kaplan and many others.

About International Brands Limited

International Brands Limited (IBL) Group is a world-class conglomerate managing a diverse portfolio of companies across consumer retail, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, distribution and e-commerce. IBL Group was built with a vision to achieve unparalleled reach through an unmatched distribution infrastructure. Marquee brands on IBL Group’s client list include J&J, Red Bull, Mars and Kellogg's.