SEC Compliance & Review Portal

Project Description


We have been lucky enough to work with Intelligize for the past 6 years. So who are they, and what do they do?

Well, Intelligize provides lawyers, accountants and librarians with simpler, faster and smarter tools to help them provide the best service to their clients. Intelligize’s products are designed to be used for research of SEC disclosure as well as the creation of documents, including all filings and responses to SEC comments.  When designing the platform, they focused on ease- of- use as the primary design element and then layered in powerful search, retrieval, filter and comparison tools.

Project Challenge

What makes them different is their patent-pending process of reformatting and indexing the content at the clause level giving the user the ability to review both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the information contained in the EDGAR database.

What’s Cool About This Project

We have assisted Intelligize to build 10 products over a 6 year span. Our relationship may last longer than the technologies the products were written in.

At a Glance

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